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Two Trucks Owners Try To Prank This Lady By Blocking Her Getting Into Her BMW, BUT WHO’S LAUGHING NOW!

A couple of pranksters bring in their big trucks and attempt to block in a poor girl who’s driving a BMW. Instead of getting frustrated at being blocked in by these massive machines, she instead had a little bit of a trick up her sleeve and decided to use one of her car’s features to get her out of this tough spot.

image credit: Sam Jones

Drivers who park between the lines deserve to be boxed in so they can’t get in, sort of like a bit of karma thrown at them. And while this can be totally annoying, the idea seemed fun for these pranksters.

Just like the clip showing a red Mercedes being boxed in after taking two spaces when it was parked between a line, pranksters tried the same method on a properly parked BMW just for kicks.


But their plan backfired when the lady came out to discover her predicament and took out her key with a remote control that allowed her to back up her car without a driver. That’s one sly promo for BMW.