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U-Haul Safe Trailering Demonstrator


How you distribute tow weight is paramount to safely arriving at your destination. When loading a trailer, make sure that 60% of your weight is loaded to the front of the trailer and 40% is loaded to the back for the safest towing experience.

source/image: U-Haul

Load a trailer heavier in the front to reduce the chance of sway. If sway is encountered, release the accelerator pedal, slow down and move to a safe location to redistribute the load,Having too much weight in the back of your tow load is a recipe for danger. Watch the video from U-Haul:

Slow down and create longer following distances between you and the vehicle in front of you. Most states have a speed limit of 55 when towing. According to U-Haul, towing while maintaining speeds over 55 mph can consume 35% more gasoline. Slowing down is not only safer, it is more economical.


This segment of the Safe Trailering video program explains why you need to adjust your normal driving habits when towing. The driver is responsible for selecting the proper tow vehicle and trailer for the load, properly hitching the trailer, properly loading and securing cargo, and properly operating the tow vehicle including operating the combination at the appropriate speed, steering, and braking.