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UFO Fighter Jet Mig I 2000 Concept


Mikoyan MiG-2000 was a project by Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG for a liquid ramjet single-stage-to-orbit spaceplane, explored in the 1990s. It was envisioned to have a takeoff weight of 300 tons and deliver a 9-ton payload on a 200 km low Earth orbit. The plane lost a competition to the Tupolev Tu-2000. Similar to Rockwell X-30.

source.image: Found And Explained

It is about the same size as the MiG-21 shorter by 1.3m but wider by 4.5m, but noticeable smaller than its immediate predecessor, the MiG-29. Take-off weight is estimated at around 12 tonnes; maximum take-off weight at about 16 tonnes.

The aircraft will have a blended fuselage/centre wing and a thick wing centre-section, with curved leading and trailing edges. The unusual aerodynamic configuration and powerful thrust-vectoring engines should provide excellent agility.


Take-off and landing runs are short thanks to a specially designed landing gear that permits approaches at high angles of attack. According to official sources, single and twin-engined variants of the LFI are under consideration. The graphics show a twin- engined variant with an all-new power plant.