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Ultralight Personal Hang Glider – Adventure At Altitude!

The Ruppert Archaeopteryx is a Swiss high-wing, pod-and-boom, single-seat, microlift glider that was designed by Roger Ruppert and is produced by Ruppert Composite GmbH.The aircraft is named for the feathered Archaeopteryx dinosaur.


The Archaeopteryx was conceived as a foot-launchable microlift sailplane, with the design goals of a light empty weight, low stall speed with gentle stall characteristics, good maneuverability and good high speed performance.


A further goal was a sailplane that could be foot-launched in zero wind conditions.he Archaeopteryx design started in 1998 at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHW) as a research project.


The first flight of the initial prototype was in September 2001. Based on initial lessons the prototype was modified and reflown in May 2002.

Further flight tests and modifications were carried out, with the prototype re-flying in its new form in March 2003.