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UmrO, A Self-Balancing, Foldable & Electric Scooter


The UrmO is an innovative, light electric vehicle, which fits perfectly to your everyday life thanks to its light weight and the patented folding mechanism: Within two seconds, the UrmO can be transformed from fully functional electric vehicle to briefcase size.

source/image: UrmO

Therefore, it can be taken anywhere and it bridges the gap between conventional means of transport such as your car and public transport.The UrmO will make mobility more flexible and personalised and therefore improve quality of life.

It is small, it is foldable and it has 14 inch wheels for a smooth ride through town. UrmO can cover 20 kilometres with one charging. Within just 45 minutes, the battery can be charged to almost 100%. Maximum speed is 15 km/h.


The scooter is capable of accommodating a maximum load of 120kg. The tires feel air-filled like your standard bike tires but they never get flat. The scooter comes with an AI-based steering technology that,simply turn your hips to the desired direction and the scooter is automatically steered towards that direction.

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