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Understanding How Your Motorcycle’s Brake Works – Animation

Today’s motorcycles and cars are equipped with a very efficient braking system. They are so efficient that your vehicle stops safely, within a fraction of a second, in the case of an emergency./ Learn Engineering

source/image(PrtSc): Learn Engineering

You pull the brake lever, the brake fluid, near to the lever travels all the way down through the brake pipes, and the brake pads are activated. Watch the video animation from Learn Engineering to learn more:

This braking system that you just saw was developed over the last five decades of research and practical experiences. Let’s learn how engineers developed such an efficient braking system, or more specifically, let’s learn the interesting physics behind disc brakes.


In motorcycles approximately 70% of the braking effort is performed by the front brake. This however can vary for individual motorcycles; longer-wheelbase types having more weight biased rearward, such as cruisers and tourers, can have a`greater effort applied by the rear brake.