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Unitree H1 Universal Humanoid Robot


The humanoid robot driven by the robot AI world model unlocks many new skills! Strong power is waiting for you to developBreaking the full-size humanoid speed world record of 3.3m/s (the previous record was about 2.5m/s).The advanced powertrain provides the highest level of speed, power, maneuverability and flexibility.

source.image: Unitree Robotics

Equipped with 3D LiDAR + depth camera, real-time acquisition of high-precision spatial data to achieve panoramic scanning. The V3.0 achieves a maximum walking speed of 3.3m/s. In comparison, the previous record stood at around 2.5m/s.

The company’s H1 humanoid robot is about 1800mm tall, weighs around 47 kg, and has a Unitree gear train and in-house built high-torque joint motor. An additional characteristic of the humanoid robot is a 15-ah battery with a capacity of 0.863kWh.


The Unitree H1 has just broken the world record at 3.3m/s. For those of you keeping count, that is 7.38mph. The robot features whole body dynamic coordination. It can also climb stairs.