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Untangling The Roots of Dominican Hair

In the hot and humid Dominican Republic, most women straighten their naturally curly hair in an effort to conform to deeply ingrained, yet outdated, standards of beauty.

But Carolina Contreras is slowly changing this societal norm. Not only does she proudly rock her big curls, she’s helping other women do the same at her natural hair salon. Fondly nicknamed “Miss Rizos,” which means Miss Curls in English, Carolina has come to embody self-love and acceptance on the island.

In the Dominican Republic, it’s a sad fact that your hair texture can lead to acceptance or rejection from certain groups and social classes.


Do you recall a moment where someone was treated like a second rate citizen because of their hair? Fast forward to the present and natural hair has taken the world by storm. As a mother of 3 little girls, I am particularly interested in the message we are sending to children.