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US Army Discovery May Offer New Energy Source

Army scientists and engineers recently made a discovery. An aluminum nanomaterial of their design produces high amounts of energy when it comes in contact with water, or any liquid containing water.This is said to be a mix of aluminum nano-material and water, according to a report.more info(army.mil)

image/text credit: army.mil

Not many details have been released as they are still being researched and investigated. Researchers said one possible application of the discovery that may help future Soldiers is the potential to recharge mobile devices for recon teams.

image/text credit: army.mil

The reaction surprised the researchers, but they soon considered its potential implications for future power and energy applications.”The hydrogen that is given off can be used as a fuel in a fuel cell,” said Scott Grendahl, a materials engineer and team leader.


“What we discovered is a mechanism for a rapid and spontaneous hydrolysis of water.”We have calculated that one kilogram of aluminum powder can produce 220 kilowatts of energy in just three minutes.

That metric doubles if you consider the amount of heat energy produced by the exothermic reaction.That’s a lot of power to run any electrical equipment.The team demonstrated with small radio-controlled tank powered by the powder and water reaction.