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US Army Honor Guard Rifle Inspection “With Close-Up Audio”

The Tomb of the Unknowns is a monument dedicated to American service personnel who have died without their remains being identified.The Guards of Honour at the Tomb of the Unknowns, known as the Old Guard’ honour all fallen American service personnel who are ‘ Known But to God.’

image credit: Dr Vagax / text: changing-guard

The impeccably uniformed guards wear Army Dress Blue Uniform and always bear their weapon away from the Tomb as a gesture against intrusion on their post.“Saw this coming by on a site and I could not resist adding totally fitting sounds to it.”

A relief commander appears on the plaza to announce the Changing of the Guard.Shortly after a new sentry leaves the Quarters, he unlocks the bolt of his or her M-14 rifle to signal to the relief commander to start the ceremony.


The relief commander walks out to the Tomb and salutes, then faces the spectators and asks them to stand and stay silent during the ceremony.Following a detailed white-glove inspection of the weapon, checking each part of the rifle once the relief commander and the new sentry meet the retiring sentry at the centre of the matted path in front of the Tomb.