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Using Boiling Water & A Toilet Plunger To Get Car Dents Out


So someone leaned against your car and now you have a bad looking dent on it? Don’t worry—today’s hack will show you how you can pop that dent out in no time. All you need is some boiling hot water and a toilet plunger. Watch the video for a demo.

source/image(PrtSc): TeamFamily

Since plastic is flexible when it’s hot, this is something you can easily do at home with simple hand tools.However, if the dent is multiple times the size of the plunger, you may actually find this approach effective at changing the dent from being one large dent to multiple small dents.

While this might sound like an unappealing change to some, it actually makes a big difference in the appearance of the vehicle.


The effectiveness of this technique will massively depend on the location of the dent however; dents nearer the edge of a panel are less likely to influenced by the relatively low force which a plunger is capable of exerting.

VIA TeamFamily
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