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USS Compensator Self Made Off-Road Monster Limousine


MEET the USS Compensator – the ultimate off-road monster limousine. Unofficially the tallest Lincoln Town car in the United States, this beast belongs to builder and operator Jordon Foster of Keno, Oregon. The USS Compensator took three months of 12-hour days to build.

source.image: Ridiculous Rides

Jordan began this project on a tight budget. He pretty much built out this rig himself using nothing but a few hand tools, a welder’s flame, a plasma cutter, a grinder, and a slew of wrenches. The mods include heavy-duty Air-Ride suspension and military-grade tires, that Jordan bought off of eBay.

They are 53 inches tall and 16 inches wide, and they perch on 20×14” wheels. The weight of a single tire is 380 pounds, with the wheel itself weighing another 55 pounds, which takes the gross weight at each corner over 400 pounds. The car is powered by a 4.6 litre engine, has air ride suspension and is sporting military grade spec tires.


As well as using the car off road, the Compensator is street legal in the state of Oregon and Jordon uses the vehicle in his everyday life. Driving it around town can be pretty arduous, with having to constantly monitor blind spots and corners. This rig was already a challenge to park as a Limo, taking up two parking spots. And now that being a lifted one, navigating a drive-through is next to impossible, as the vehicle also maxes out the height bar.