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V12 Hybrid Ferrari Stallone Concept Car By Murray Sharp

A Ferrari concept car I recently designed. This animation captures the passion and essence of the car as it comes alive, shifting through gears on the dyno. This hypercar concept is designed to be at the pinnacle of the Italian brand.

source/mage(PrtSc): Behace/Murray Sharp

A mid mounted V12 hybrid engine screams as the exhaust shoot flames just a few feet behind the drivers head.Murray Sharp, a designer and self-proclaimed fan of the Italian automotive company, designed the Stallone to capture everything that’s great about Ferrari./ Behace

The designer has found inspiration from some of the most iconic models of the Casa del Cavallino, such as the F40 and 250 GTO of 1962.The concept car is 4.53 meters long with a step of 2.65 and inevitably very low. The overall height does not reach 110 centimeters.


Driver and passenger are practically seated on the asphalt.The car is designed around a carbon monocoque chassis with two seats ahead of a turbocharged twelve-cylinder engine, augmented by a hybrid assist.