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Vahana – The All Electric, Self-Piloted, VTOL “Air Taxi”

Out of project Vahana from A^3 by Airbus, this is the video from our first flight. This full-scale aircraft, dubbed AlphaOne, is all electric and self-piloted.

source/image(PrtSc): Zach Lovering

During our minute-long flight, the primary battery system used about 8% of its total energy, demonstrating that the vehicle is capable of much more. As our flight test campaign continues, we will be sure to keep you updated.

The Single-seat 8-prop full-scale prototype began flight testing in January of 2018.The prototype hovered at a height of 5 m for 53 seconds, and flew autonomously.


The self-piloted aircraft is 6.2 m wide, 5.7 m long, 2.8 m tall and has a takeoff weight of 745 kg, it i powered by 8 x 45w electric motors which produce motor output 60hp.