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Van Life as a Solo Married Woman In a Van Custom Tiny Home


Meet Tracy, a solo married van lifer who has transformed her van, Nina Simone, into a cozy, luxurious home on wheels. Join her as she takes you on a detailed tour of her custom-built van, where every corner is designed with comfort and style in mind. From a full kitchen with gold and black fixtures to a multi-functional bench that doubles as a dining and work space, Tracy’s van is a testament to her sense of adventure and love for luxurious living.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Gourmet Kitchen Setup: Tracy shows off her fully-equipped kitchen, featuring a deep sink, motion detector lights for safety, and an extensive spice collection crucial for her southern cooking. The kitchen is cleverly designed with lots of storage and beautiful gold and black fixtures that add a touch of luxury.

Efficient Space Use: Discover how Tracy utilizes vertical space to maximize functionality in her van, from high storage cabinets to a fold-away dining table that serves as her office by day. Eco-Friendly Features: Tracy emphasizes her commitment to sustainability with a water ionizer for antioxidant-rich drinking water and a propane stove/oven combo ideal for preparing hearty vegan meals.


Power and Water Systems: Learn about the van’s energy-efficient setup, including solar panels, a powerful Victron inverter, and large water tanks that support extended off-grid living. Heating Solutions: Tracy discusses her diesel heater installation, essential for staying warm without adding moisture inside the van. Rediscovering Self: Tracy shares her journey of reclaiming her sense of adventure and curiosity, and how van life has been therapeutic in rediscovering herself and strengthening her marriage. Community and Inclusivity: An advocate for diversity, Tracy also talks about her social network, Black Women Who RV, emphasizing inclusivity and community in the van life movement.