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Vanlife Artist Turning Wheels Turning Wood & Changing Lives


This is a van-life story unlike anything you’ve seen before. Floyd is a man, living and traveling in a small van while on a huge mission to put a smile on peoples faces.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

Currently, he is traveling all over New Zealand in a spectacular van that he has built out for both his work and travels. The van is compact yet fully featured and filled with incredible wood-craft and carvings which absolutely make his van stand out from the rest.

Floyd’s van is fitted out with his wood turning tools, which he uses while he travels to craft beautiful art peaces, that he then leaves hidden in special places for strangers to find, all with the purpose of helping to brighten someone’s day.


While also raising money for a mental health charity, Gumboot Friday, a New Zealand charity that helps to provide free counselling for youth. Beyond his incredible wood turning work, we have actually featured Floyd’s incredible handiwork in the past, when we visited his sister, Kate’s tiny home.