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“Verhees Delta” What a Fantastic Home Built Delta Shaped Little Plane

The Verhees D-Plane 1 is a Belgian homebuilt flying wing, designed by Verhees Engineering and supplied as plans for amateur construction. The D-Plane 1 features a cantilever mid-wing, a single-seat enclosed cockpit, semi-retractable tricycle landing gear and a single engine in tractor configuration.

image credit: Marc Talloen

The aircraft is made from sheet aluminum tubing. Its very low aspect ratio 4.5 m span delta wing has an area of 10 m2.The nose wheel retracts, while the single main wheel and wing tip wheels are fixed. The recommended engine is the 1.6 litre displacement 50 hp (37 kW) Subaru EA71 four-stroke automotive conversion powerplant.

image credit: Marc Talloen

By 2011 only the prototype had flown, but development work had begun on the design of the two-seat D-Plane 2, which will be powered by a 100 hp Rotax 912ULS and cruise at about 250 km/h.The Verhees Delta is not weird just to be weird, in many aspects it is a better aircraft like in stability, reaction to turbulence, inner space and flight comfort.


Therefore the landing gear is of a monowheel type which is lighter and less complex and gives aileron control before liftoff, so no surprises with crosswind. This monowheel is retractable and steering to prevent groundloops.

The wings have only 2 elevons, so aileron and elevator mixed which is not so complicated as it looks, only 2 steering rods go directly from the stick to the elevon.The outerwings can be folded upward by only pulling out 1 pin, no fairings removed or controls disconnected. Folding out and pulling the aircraft from the trailer only takes 15 minutes.