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Veridrive! Is A New Bariable Speed Chain Drive

Veridrive is a new variable speed chain drive made in our small workshop,its a new flat gear box that can be used for many applications.

image credit: keith firstbrook

The five drive sprockets in this prototype expand and contract together for a seamless ratio/gear change.An additional part of the project is to develop a cadence and heart rate control via a chest strap.

image credit: keith firstbrook

You will be able to dial in a heart rate or cadence or watts the rider requires, or a combination of all three.


So whatever the terrain the gearing ratio will automatically change to the riders input settings,this will be an add on part.It can also be scaled up or scaled down and made from a variety of materials depending on the application.

Fixed to a bicycle it takes up no more room than a standard front 3 ring.The chain always stays in line,the one above is 205mm dia X 20mmA scaled down Veridrive can also be attached to the rear wheel if required.