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Veteran’s Self-Built Cozy Bus Tiny Home


Welcome to Melvin and Emily’s journey of full-time travel and living in a converted bus! They’ve created a unique space that marries functionality with comfort, allowing them to explore and work on the go. Join them as they share a glimpse into their nomadic lifestyle, their cozy dinette workspace, and their cleverly designed kitchen and living areas.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover how Melvin and Emily have maximized their kitchen space with a solid surface countertop, a propane stove, and ample storage for all their cooking needs. Their farmhouse-style sink and dual-purpose water faucet make daily chores a breeze, while their fridge and toaster oven cater to their culinary adventures.

The bus features a dinette area that doubles as a workspace, proving that small spaces can be both stylish and functional. With a few simple adjustments, the area transforms into an extra couch or sleeping space, showcasing the flexibility required for life on the road.


Nestled in their bus is a full-size mattress, surrounded by amenities like a dedicated AC unit, fans for air circulation, and strategic storage solutions. Their attention to comfort and detail makes this tiny space feel like a cozy retreat after a day of exploration.