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Video Game Graphics Working Principle 3D Animation


Have you ever wondered how video game graphics have become incredibly realistic? How can GPUs and graphics cards render such incredibly detailed scenes? Well, in this video we’re going to explore how just a bunch of data in your computer gets turned into realistic graphics.

source.image: Branch Education

Additionally, we’ll take a quick look into Ray Tracing, DLSS or Deep Learning Super Sampling, and many other complicated aspects of video game graphics. Watch the video from Branch Education for more info:

We at Branch Education love to play video games, so this video has been one of our favorite ones to make thus far. It’s kind of like getting to look under the hood of your childhood car. Also, it was surprising that practically all video games use similar basic steps to render each frame.


Furthermore, as a fun fact, to create this video our team used 1x 3090ti, 3x 3090s, and the model that we tore down was a 3090.There are just sooooo many topics in the realm of computer graphics that we couldn’t cover.