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Vintage 1977 Honda CB 500 500cc 4 Cylinder Motorcycle


The Honda CB500 Four is a standard 498 cc (30.4 cu in), air-cooled, 8-valve, SOHC, transverse inline-four motorcycle made by Honda from 1971 to 1978.It was introduced at the London Racing and Sporting Motorcycle Show in February 1972,[3] and sold in the US market until 1973, replaced by the CB550 in the 1974 model year.

source/image(PrtSc): classic-motorcycle

The CB500 Four is styled like the CB750, but smaller and lighter, with a claimed of 50 bhp (37 kW) output and a top speed of 115 mph (185 km/h).

Like the earlier CB750 it has a single front hydraulic disc brake, rear drum brake, electric starter, and sohc eight-valve engine.


The four-into-four exhaust pipes echoed those of the CB750. Unlike the earlier dry sump CB750, the smaller bike has a wet sump engine. Also, the primary drives were different, the CB750 having a duplex chain, while the CB500 had a “Hy-Vo” Morse chain.//wikipedia

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