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Vintage Dresch Monobloc 1931 500cc Motorcycle Start Up

Dresch et Cie 1920–1949was one of France’s more important motorcycle manufacturersThe company’s products ranged from 98cc to 246cc single-cylinder two-stroke machines to luxury 750cc four-cylinder model.

source/image(PrtSc): classic-motorcycle.com

Dresch used proprietary engines from various suppliers including Aubier Dunne, Chaise, JAP, MAG, Stainless and Train. In 1930, it produced a 498cc inline-twin model similar to the later British Sunbeam models.//classic-motorcycle

The monobloc was the top model of Dresch. The motor has 14hp and a stroke / bore diameter of 64 x 77mm and reached with the 4-speed transmission, a top speed of 105km / h. With the outbreak of war the production was stopped.


The monobloc is a gorgeous eye-catching with its striking-looking bi-cylinder engine and the pressed-steel frame. The “Dresch” monobloc was produced by 1930 until 1938.