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VM45 Katanga Electric Assisted Velomobile


VM45 Katanga Velomobile, is a creation of the Czech mobility company Katanga. The production of this prototype vehicle started in 2021. The velomobile uses a 7-speed, auto-shifting, 750-watt Valeo motor gearbox.

source.image: Katanga velomobile

The electric assistance enhances the pedal power of the rider. When combined, the vehicle can reach up to a speed of 45 km/h (28 mph).The electric motor is powered by a 48 V / 1,240 Wh lithium-ion battery, which should reportedly be enough for a range of up to 255 kilometers per charge in the economical electric assistance mode.

The vehicle’s light shell is made of a composite material consisting of aramid and carbon fibers in an epoxy matrix. A side lockable hatch at the top provides access to the cockpit, while a smaller downward-opening hatch at the rear provides access to up to 350 liters of cargo space.


Front suspension steering and braking:A similar geometry as a MacPherson suspension system with virtual pivot point but without spring in the strut.The amortization and suspension element is the same DNM coil shock and is mounted on the track control arm.Steering is transferred from a broad steering handle with pivot under the seat to the front wheels with the help of steering rods.20 inch front wheels with 90mm Sturmey-Archer Drum brakes.