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Volkswide Kombi Pick Up Widebody Concept


Rob3rt Design has taken things to the next level combining a standard VW van with a low-rider van, giving you the feel of a pickup truck.South American artist Rob3rt Design created this extremely low profile Volkswagen pickup that wows everyone – it’s amazing.Wide fenders and fat wheels give it a muscle car character, somewhat reminiscent of Porsche race cars.

source/image(PrtSc): Rob3rt Design

The large cargo box behind this VW can be used to transport anything from furniture and surfboards to two-wheelers or anything else that fits the vehicle’s space./Rob3rt Design

The low ground clearance, seemingly barely enough for a bill to pass through – gives the car stability even at high speeds. But is it possible for streets full of dividers and potholes, like Vietnam for example?The designer has infused an incredible combination of a Volkswagen Kombi Pickup and a modern truck to complete this model.


Combining the nostalgic element of a classic VW pickup the front end suggests it and interweaving it with the DNA of a modern car is a work of pure genius that people just can’t stop looking at it.And that video rendering of the design is absolutely perfect.//Rob3rt Design