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Volta Zero 16-Tonne Full-Electric Commercial Truck For Cities

Volta Trucks, the start-up electric vehicle manufacturer, has revealed the new Volta Zero –its first vehicle and the world’s first purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle designed specifically for inner-city parcel and freight distribution. From launch, the Volta Zero will be a significant contributor to the future vision of zero-emission cities all over the world.

source/image(PrtSc): REC Anything

Volta Zero was designed for electric from the outset that faciliates a step-change in vehicle and pedestrian safety. By removing internal combustion engine, the operator/driver of Volta Zero can sit in a central driving position with lower seat height that a conventional truck.

More specifically, the single electric motor, transmission, and axle are contained in a lightweight and compact e-Axle unit that’s lighter and more efficient.


It’s also more compact, providing packaging benefits by freeing up space between the chassis rails. That’s where Volta Trucks fits the Lithium Iron Phosphate battery pack, which will be available with a capacity of 160 – 200 kWh.//voltatrucks