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VS-9 Fully-Electric Hydrofoiling Ferry


The VS—9 is the world’s first vehicle of its kind – a premium electric vessel built to commercial standards for the most demanding applications. It enables so much more with so much less, delivering the best on-water experience possible and cutting operating costs by as much as 90%.

source.image: Vessev

Designed and built by Vessev the VS-9 delivers smooth and quiet travel on the water like never before. The VS-9 uses “foils” – underwater wings – to lift the hull out of the water, reducing drag and energy consumption by a whopping 95%. This electric baby can cruise at 25 knots, accommodating ten passengers for a smooth, quiet ride.

With a range of 92.6 km. The nine-meter VS–9 will transport up to 10 passengers. The foils are also fully retractable which enables the vessel to operate in shallow water and protect the foils so the vessel can be transported on a trailer. The foil stabilization systems enter operation at 12kts, actively reducing pitch and roll motion, even when not fully on foils and ‘flying’.


When connected to DC charging power, the vessel can achieve an impressive charging rate of 0.8 nautical miles of foiling range per minute, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. The VS-9, constructed using carbon fibre laminates, takes off at 18-19 knots, transitioning from foil assist to full foiling mode.