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Walking Tightrope Between Two Hot Air Balloons!

Walking the highline is already a daring stunt. It is always a nerve wracking experience to watch people walk and perform stunts on the high wire. Some daring folks took walking the highline to the next level with the Balloon Highline.

image/text credit: Sébastien Montaz-Rosset

Some adventurous Skyliners took to the skies last week to attempt a very serious stunt. They took two hot air balloons into the air and positioned them to hover next to each other in the sky. Each member was given task of walking across from one balloon to another.via(stupiddope)

It was interesting to see them and their attempts to make this happen. Unfortunately, no one made it to the other side. You won’t get much closer to Skylining than this!We left winter behind and headed to the sun to try and turn our latest dream into reality.


With our friends from Globus Kon Tiki, we put up a line between 2 hot air balloons to try our first completely movable highline.All of the Skyliners team was excited to put their skills to the test on such an amazing line.