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Washing Machine Brushless Motor On a Bicycle


Just before I go for road tests I give you a quick look at the bike you will see in my next video.It involves the conversion and installation of a washing machine brushless motor on a bicycle.

source/image: WhyNot Cycles

The previous video you have already seen had a conversion that left question to the viewers. Does it really work? How many watts is the motor produce?

Why do you pedal since it is electric? Why don’t you use stronger magnets and more current? At the same time I got some very useful tips to build the second version which you will see shortly from zero to completion.


The single-arm frame with the wheel-rotor was flexing too much, thus risking the magnets touching the stator on road bumps. Moreover, without any gear reduction, too much energy was needed when starting.

In my new project I use the old motor and improve it by using neodymium magnets in a Halbach Array arrangement, while I power it with a VESC at 48 Volts and 1800 Watts.The 4000mAh Lipo pack is too small for my needs, but I have left something for later.