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Watch 3 Majestic Whales Dancing Under a Boat

When you take a boat to go whale watching, you hope to at least see one whale out in the blue expanse of the ocean. Sailors on a recent expedition got three times that as a trio of playful whales surrounded their boat.

Incredible drone footage has given new meaning to the term whale watching, as a lucky group of boat passengers had a very close encounter with three massive humpbacks who put on a stunning show.

The amazing drone video shows the vessel sailing along the South Pacific Ocean when, one by one, three curious humpback whales approach the boat from the depths, circling slowly around it in a kind of ritualistic underwater ‘dance’.


Gray whales migrate south from Alaska to Mexico during the winter months, passing right along the coast of Southern California.Humpback whale-watching season takes place every year from mid-July through mid-September.