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Watch A Craftsman Create A Ceramic Thai Barbecue

Thai barbecues are a type of grill that people have cooked with since the 15th century.Made by hand, a clay insert is set into a metal bucket. Then sandy dirt is pushed between the metal and clay using a special wide tool that resembles a chisel. A 2″ tall base is fastened to the cooker. Finally, concrete is used to seal it all up. The result is a heavy-duty oven that you will enjoy for years. 11″ height, 12.5″ top width, 6.5″ base width.

image credit: Science Channel

Found in most Thai homes, the “Tao” is a small and convenient way to cook outdoors, and it doesn’t make much mess. Used for generations,using very little charcoal, this cooker produces enough heat to stir-fry small or large woks, boil water, or barbeque meats.

Ceramics can be defined as heat-resistant, nonmetallic, inorganic solids that are (generally) made up of compounds formed from metallic and nonmetallic elements. Although different types of ceramics can have very different properties, in general ceramics are corrosion-resistant and hard, but brittle.


Most ceramics are also good insulators and can withstand high temperatures. These properties have led to their use in virtually every aspect of modern life.Traditional ceramics are made from natural materials such as clay that have been hardened by heating at high temperatures driving out water and allowing strong chemical bonds to form between the flakes of clay.