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Watch How To Restore Your Headlight Lens-Fix Headlight Lens, Molding & Casting Tutorial

You can easily replicate a headlight lens or repair a headlight lens of any car using Alumilite.This video shows you how to replicate the headlight lens of a 1935 Cadillac. Fix headlight lens. Molding & Casting Tutorial.In this video, Ed describes how he bought a 1935 Cadillac bought apart in Philly, but he discovered that a steering wheel and two headlight lenses were not in the pile.

source/image: Alumilite Mold Making..

When he tried to buy these parts, people told him that hell would freeze over before he got his hands on headlight lenses for this car.Since he realized that this was probably true, Ed decided to make his own lenses, just as good as the original!

And from the looks of it, it didn`t take very long, meaning that headlight lens restoration has a bright future, now that you can do this at home with very few materials and very little skill.It`s so easy to do – Ed even listed all the necessary ingredients in the video description and he also put in the places where you can buy them, so now headlight lens restoration is just a matter of will instead of ability.


Basically, what you do is you create a mold from some synthetic clay, let it dry and then you cast your new headlight lens with some clear resin!It looks good as new, and I bet it looks perfect on Ed`s 1935 Cadillac! In the end, you just have to be very careful in separating the lens and the mold – it`s very delicate and you don`t want to mess up at the end!