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Watch This Adorable Baby Shark Emerge From Its Egg!

Brownbanded bamboo sharks are unique in that they develop in an egg outside their mother’s body. Watch this adorable little shark take his first lap around the tank!More than 500 species of sharks have been discovered living in oceans around the world. Sharks can give birth to live babies, like humans do, or they lay eggs.

image credit: Science Channel

The video shows the birth of a baby brownbanded bamboo shark! It is common for the sharks to have difficulty emerging from the egg, so the guy is helping the shark by cutting away at the egg! Wow! What an amazing creature! So unique! Before you jump in the car to go get one – do some research, they require a lot of room.

The brownbanded bamboo shark’s eggs look like a turtle’s shell! Brownbanded bamboo shark has barbels around their mouths that look like whiskers on a cat, so it belongs to a group called cat sharks.


These sharks are nocturnal animals and can survive out of the water for up to 12 hrs. These sharks have barbels, which are sensory organs that look like whiskers. Hence the common name for these sharks is “Cat shark”.