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Watch This Nitrous Chair Homemade Redneck Centrifuge

If you’re unfamiliar with Street Outlaws, FarmTruck and AZN are a duo that run around sand bagging unsuspecting victims into street races where they take their money. And when they’re not doing that, that are finding weird and interesting ways to keep themselves entertained between taking chump’s money.

While we are used to their typical shenanigans, we were not prepared to witness the insanity that is the “Nitrous Chair.” In essence, they have taken a racing seat and welded brackets on the bottom of the chair to hold two 12 pound nitrous bottles.

Obviously the idea here is to take the gag of using a fire extinguisher to propel yourself across the shop on an office chair one step further. And though this may be one of the dumbest things we have seen to date, it is also one of the most entertaining.


Honestly we’ve never seen anything quite like it in all of our years. AZN goes for one hell of a ride, and what you see coincides exactly with what FarmTruck says, “You don’t really comprehend what is happening.Don’t try this at home! The Nitro Chair wasn’t exactly the best idea we’ve ever had but it turned out that I actually don’t like going 300 mph.