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Water Into Hydrogen Simple Hydrogen Generator From Old Battery


Water is a compound made from the two elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen. It has the chemical symbol H2O which indicates that each molecule is a combination of one Oxygen atom and two Hydrogen atoms.

source.image: Skill Make

There are many different designs of hydrogen generators available on the Internet. There’s also many schematics available to download showing exactly how to build your own hydrogen generator.By placing two electrodes (metal plates) into water we can create an electric field between them by connecting them to the terminals of a battery or power supply.

In this video, I will show you how to use old batteries to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen or generate HHO gas. In this video, I separate the water molecules, which are hydrogen and oxygen, by electrolyzing water, and use the produced gas.


Note that you can also use potassium hydroxide powder or drain cleaner or salt to conduct water. But if you use salt, the color of the water will turn green or brown due to the production of hydroxide ions. Also, the efficiency of the drain cleaner solution is higher.