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Wehead Spatial Video Communication Device With 3D Head-Shaped Display


Wehead is a new way to communicate, by recreating the presence effect for both a host (who receives a call, using the Wehead) and a guest (who is calling to the Wehead). It shines in group calls and in one on one conversations, by giving the freedom of movement to the users, which the usual video calls lack.

source/image: Wehead – The Ultimate Connection

By using Wehead, one can feel as if been teleported into the host’s environment, being able to look around and communicate freely with anyone, not being restrained by the rectangle of the screen and the position of one’s webcam. Controlling the Wehead by your own head movements, by your phone’s gyroscope or even simply by the on-screen controller or a mouse, you experience unprecedented feeling of freedom.

source/image: Wehead – The Ultimate Connection

And by having the three-dimensional shape, with guest’s face projection, as well as movement and head gestures replication and directional audio, Wehead is exceptionally good at recreating the feeling as if the person is actually there with you. you can see the guest’s face and expressions, to whom the guest is talking to in the room or what one is looking at, precisely.


Wehead brings a third dimension and a sense of presence and control beyond what was possible with video meetings to hybrid and remote teams, as well as individuals. The distance is no longer a problem to have a deep and impactful communication, build relations and trust and communicate efficiently.

You and your loved one, remote and hybrid teams, teachers and students, doctors and patients, leaders and followers — the distance is not longer the limit to bring everyone together in a conversations which is as personal as you’re actually there together.

VIAWehead - The Ultimate Connection
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