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Wessex VE15 Through-Floor Lift Stairlift Alternative


Built on decades of reliable technology, the Wessex VE15 is the latest addition to the Wessex market leading through-floor lift range.Independence with Elegance: An alternative to a traditional stairlift solution, the Wessex VE15 leaves the stairway, hall and landing free of obstruction.

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Flexibility:Extremely flexible, as the VE15 does not rely on the need for a wall it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.Space Saving: With a footprint of less than 0.7sq.mt, the Wessex VE15 takes up the least possible space whilst internally having room for two.

The VE line doesn’t require a footing or foundation, and can be installed in just a few days for a fraction of the cost of a conventional elevator. When the lift is upstairs, you can walk below it. When the lift is downstairs you can walk over it.


With compact sizes and free-standing models available, Wessex home elevators are the ultimate in convenience and a perfect solution for families with mixed levels of mobility.Elevator safety edges feature will automatically stop the elevator if it is touched or obstructed.