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What Happens If You Fill Up a Car with Coca-Cola?

Even non-motorheads would know that you should never put anything else inside a vehicle’s gas tank except gasoline, since whatever foreign substance that goes down there will surely wreck the engine.

image/text credit: TechRax 

But we’ll never actually know if we don’t try, do we? So, to give us a look at what would really happen, the dude from TechRax tried pouring a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola into the gas tank of a BMW 325i wagon and drove it to see how far he could go.

And since the car already had some gas left in the tank, everything went smoothly in the first minute. But as soon as the soda kicked in, things went downhill from there,the car’s engine failed.


The cost of repairs was even more expensive than the car itself.From what we have learned over the years, Coca-Cola is great for giving your tires a nice shine, it can also be used to clear rust off various metals, and it’s also good for removing blood stains, not that you would ever need that knowledge, though.