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What Happens When Apple Meets Magnet?

Probably during your childhood you were told that you should eat apples because they have many vitamins and nutrients, including iron. But have you ever wondered what happens if we put a magnet close to this fruit? Well, we think that is a very interesting question.

Usually magnets attract metals and the iron in apples should be no exception. In this video we will see if there is a magnetic attraction between this fruit and a cube magnet. Well, what happens if we put a magnet close to an apple?

Turn the magnet over and hold the other side near the apple. Once again, the grape will be repelled and will begin to move slowly away. You’ll notice that both poles of the magnet repel the apple—evidence of diamagnetism!


Only extremely strong magnetism will be powerful enough to push the apple, so neodymium magnets are the best—the bigger, the better. But be careful! Large neodymium magnets are so strong that they can give you a painful pinch if you get your flesh caught between two of them or between the magnet and a piece of iron.