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What It’s Like To Drive A Hand-Built Rocket Car

In the future, all of us were supposed to buy shiny rocket cars. That didn’t quite pan out, but artist Baron Margo hand-builds the wild Buck Rogers car wanted and Jason gets to drive them.These rocketcars aren’t real rocket cars, of course, but that barely matters.

source/image(PrtSc): Jalopnik 

The resulting masterpieces are a retro-futuristic nod to an existence where flying to the moon for a picnic on a lazy Sunday could be a reality.

image/text credit: Jalopnik 

It doesn’t matter if you’re going only 35 MPH, because every second in one of these cars feels like you’re driving in a bubble of reality from another world, in a future that never quite happened, and everyone around you can see it as well, and invariably, they love it.


Baron is a creative genius who sees things in scrap materials with which to create art.Baron’s art goes beyond art sculptures; he makes real vehicles. He calls his creations “drive-able art” or “functional art”. Futuristic cars, which are street legal, like the rocket cars.

The cockpit of each vehicle is filled with instruments and knobs, often from vintage planes, and the position of each component is carefully decided. Not all instruments will function but they are there with a purpose.