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What People Find Unattractive In Different Parts Of The World

There is nothing more enticing to a straight man than a beautiful woman. But according to different cultures around the globe, not every man lives by the same standard of beauty.

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From women with large feet and filed, pointy teeth in Bali, to the lip and ear-stretching rituals in parts of Africa and South America, it’s easy to see that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Curious about what men find attractive in different parts of the world? Let’s kick things off with…

Beauty is an aesthetic, a concept, a product, a tradition, and even a sport. It’s always subjective, but one sure thing about beauty is that it changes drastically depending on geographic coordinates.



Each culture has its own unique standard of beauty, and while some countries keep beauty practices minimal, others have a whole lot to say about what makes the “perfect” woman.

image/text credit:  The List

  • The long-necked women of Myanmar
  • Women on Iran like to show off their nose jobs
  • Stretched earlobes and a shaved head is a beauty standard in Kenya and other parts of Africa
  • Lip stretching in parts of Africa and South America are considered attractive to men
  • Māori women sport tattoos in New Zealand
  • Women in many Asian countries will avoid the sun at all costs
  • Mauritania men preferred women with fuller figures, but that is changing
  • Indian women accessorize with henna for special occasions
  • Body scarification in Africa and other parts of the world is a sign of beauty
  • French men like their women ‘au naturel’
  • Being uniquely you is beautiful in all cultures

No man can resist a woman who is comfortable and confident in her own skin, so embrace who you are, both inside and out, and your place in the world.