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Whats The Difference Between A $5,000 Watch And An $85,000 Watch, By A Watch Expert

Let’s get straight to it—the Patek Philippe 5170P in my right hand is worth almost 20 times as much as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch in my left. With the Omega clocking an RRP of just over £4,000, that places the 5170P at a whopping £73,000.

image/text credit: Watchfinder & Co.

While some of that cost gets you a platinum case and diamonds on the dial, it’s safe to say that most of it is spent on the bit you don’t often get to see—the calibre CH 29-535 PS movement.via(watchfinder).

But with the Omega carrying a similar hand-wound manual chronograph calibre 1863 movement for a fraction of the price, what are you really getting when you spend all that extra money?


It’s hard to put a price on perfection, but when Patek Philippe approaches its pieces without a thought to budget, watches like the 5170P emerge. The Omega movement is very good—exceptional for the price—but the Patek Philippe is quite simply on another level. I’m sure that’s what you expected, but perhaps the scale of the differences will be surprising.