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When The Oldest Kid in Class is 69 Years Old

Durge Kami, 69, was born into a poor family and lived too far away from school to receive a formal education as a child. But that hasn’t stopped him from finishing school now.

He’s the oldest student in his school and his classmates affectionately call him Bajee, or ‘grandpa’ in Nepali. Durge hopes that his persistence can set an example for both young and old.

During lunch break, he also loves to play football and volleyball during.‘When I play these games, my soul feels satisfied’, said Durge Kami, whose spirit for life encourages everyone to go for the things which our heart wants us to do, no matter how late it is.


Durge Kami’s dedication to follow his dream is an inspiration for each one of us who’s always finding some excuse or the other to give up on our passion.