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Why Doesn’t Jimbo The 1,400-lb Bear Rip This Man To Shreds?

Not many people would be brave enough to approach a massive brown bear, let alone snuggle with one. Jim Kowalczik, a staff member at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, N.Y., isn’t letting fear stop him from being affectionate with a huge brown bear named Jimbo.Jimbo and his mother were both born in captivity so even though he has the equipment to destroy just about anything in his path, he doesn’t feel threatened by much.

Jimbo, the largest of the center’s 11 listed bears, was born in captivity in another animal park before arriving at Orphaned Wildlife, according to the center. With no skills to survive in the wild, Jimbo lives at the center as a permanent resident.

Orphaned Wildlife describes Jimbo as “extremely friendly with people and very good natured,” adding that his favorite meal is read meat. They sure forgot to mention how much he loves a good back rub!Kodiak bears, which are found in Alaska’s Kodiak Archipelago, can grow to be the largest bears in the world.



Jimmy is one of our oldest bears at 20 years old also our largest at 1400 lbs!. He is extremely friendly with people and very good natured. His favorite food is red meat.He’s very gentle but sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength – like if you’re trying to walk away, he will grab your clothes or shorts and pull you back to him.Think of the strongest person you know and magnify it by a thousand times. He has so much strength. All he’d have to do is lay on you.