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The Future Of Wireless Charging Is Here

The world is becoming wireless and interconnected. Mobile technologies are getting into every single aspect of our everyday life: smartphones and tablets, consumer and industrial wireless sensors, smart buildings, unattended vehicles etc.

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Wi-Charge developed remote charging solutions that essentially enable mobile and wireless devices to seamlessly recharge themselves without user intervention.Leveraging a unique and proprietary technology, Wi-Charge delivers a REAL power (watts) over REAL distance (meters).

Wi-Charge is a long-range wireless charging system that lets you charge your device wherever you are in the room. With absolutely no cord necessary, the range can be up to 10 meters indoors.Wi-Charge wireless power transfer technology provides a unique solution for this wide range of applications.


Wi-Charge uses infrared beams to deliver power. Devices just have to in Wi-Charge’s line of sight for it to charge. Although charging is slower than normal cable charging, it happens 24/7 without you even knowing that it is.