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Will Bulletproof Glass Stop A .50 Cal?

The 50 caliber BMG cartridge is definitely useful for the troops fighting overseas. While the war may be over, it’s definitely not time to put away your sniping skills if you have them.Often times we want to know how much our bullets can penetrate different obstacles.The guys from FullMag (also called the Black Rifle Coffee Company) conduct yet another firing experiment using .50 caliber rounds in this video. This time, they’re taking on a thick pane of bulletproof glass.

They start with a 9mm, which hits the glass and smashes it in one spot, but does not penetrate. And since the structural integrity of the panel has been compromised, he might as well use a .50 caliber to see what happens. He explains a little bit on the kinds of .50 caliber bullets there are, before firing.

The round blasts the bulletproof glass off the table completely, and when seen in slow motion, the glass can be seen shattering inside, but the round did not go through.If the glass had a larger surface area, he says, the bullet might have cracked more of the panel. But since this was small, the surface tension was greater at stopping a force.


Bulletproof glass is also called ballistic glass, transparent armor or bullet-resistant glass. This strong, transparent material is made to be resistant when struck, and is usually made of a combination of one or more types of laminated glass, both hard and soft. The softer layer makes the glass elastic, flexible enough not to shatter when hit. The more layers it has, the more protection there is.