Home Technology WingLights 360 – Innovative Turn Signal Lights For Bicycles

WingLights 360 – Innovative Turn Signal Lights For Bicycles


WingLights 360 are position lights and turn signals for bicycles designed to stop near misses with a single tap. Magnetically removable and USB rechargeable, they are perfect for the urban commute.

source/image(PrtSc): CYCL Bicycle

Attaching at the handlebar ends, WingLights360 encourage drivers to pass further from cyclists thanks to their permanent white/red position lights that turn into flashing orange turn signals with a single tap.

Pressing and holding their button activates WingLights360s permanent light function, with white (front) and red (back) LEDs highlighting the riders’ dimensions.


With a single tap they transform into direction indicators, informing other road users of the cyclists’ intentions thanks to flashing orange LEDs. WingLights360 provide riders with the all-round visibility and encourage drivers to maintain a safe passing distance.