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Winnebago Hike 100 FLX Tiny Lightweight Travel


Designed for outdoor adventure, the rugged new HIKE 100 has plenty of room for gear and comes loaded with features, yet is light enough to be towed by smaller vehicles.Full walk-through of Winnebago’s Hike 100 FLX travel trailer.

source/image: We’re the Russos

This lightweight travel trailer boasts all Truma appliances (VarioHeat, AquaGo water heater and Aventa A/C) with lithium batteries and solar power so you can stay off-grid. This small camper trailer also has off-road suspension, a water recycling system and a bunch of other goodies. The back can be converted into a toy hauler or used to sleep friends and family. Watch the video from We’re the Russos for more info:

Packed with off road options and built to survive whatever you throw at it, the Hike 100 travel trailer by Winnebago is prepared to handle any adventure you throw at it! Spacious interior floorplans and compact designs make the Winnebago RV Hike 100 travel trailer the perfect rv to fit your needs.


The interior offers sleeping arrangements, a AC/DC compressor refrigerator, a portable induction cooktop with a pan, and a wet bath, a small kitchenette with a fridge and microwave, a sink, a wet bath with shower and toilet and sleeping room for at least two people.which means everything you will need!The trailer stretches less than 16 feet from stem to stern — shorter than many full-size pickup trucks. Plus, it’s less than seven feet wide, which means your tow vehicle doesn’t need special mirrors to see what’s happening behind you.