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Woman Lives In a Tiny House So She Can Travel the World

Jenna built her Tiny Home with her Partner and they Traveled in it for a year from Alaska to Florida. They ended their partnership. Jenna parked the Tiny House in Oregon.

image credit: Dylan Magaster

I’m Jenna, or the “Tiny House Girl.” I believe minimalism and travel will help you achieve your dreams. It worked for me! Not too long ago, I was working a job I hated, just to pay the rent.

image credit: tinyhousegiantjourney

I felt stuck and miserable. Then, one day, I decided to change my life. Today I live simply, in a Tiny House, so that I can travel the world for


In 2016, Guillaume and I ended our partnership. I then moved my Tiny House to Oregon where I continue to live small and pursue my passions for writing and traveling. 2017 is going to be a year of transformation and adventure. My Giant Journey continues!

When I’m not living in my Tiny House, I’m backpacking around the world! I believe living small and traveling goes hand in hand. After all, the only reason I can travel the world is because of my simple, affordable lifestyle.