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Woman Living In A 10′ x 11′ Shed Converted Into A Budget Tiny House


Always open to new adventures, Heather has travelled the world, she has lived full-time in a van, and now she’s in a tiny she-shed where she’s dedicating herself to building community, dancing as much as possible, and being creative in her work and with her art. Join us on a tour of her unique and beautiful DIY tiny house. The shed is 10’x11′, it’s built on a concrete pad, it’s fully insulated, it cost $5,000 CAD to build, and it’s more spacious than you think.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The shed has a sleeping loft, which is stacked on top of a closet loft, which is stacked on top of a cozy couch nook. Yes, it’s a little tight but she managed to fit 3 levels in the shed so that she’d have space for everything she needed. There’s also a wood stove for heat, a spacious kitchen with a surprising amount of storage, a home office with a view, and even a composting toilet.

For electricity she is hooked up to an extension cord, and for water she carries in her drinking water, and she has access to the main house for washing dishes and showering.


After 3 years on the road with her husband, they decided to part ways earlier this year and this shed is a haven where she can heal and grow. And while stability is nice, someone as adventurous as Heather still needs to hit the road once in awhile. She is in the process of converting another van, and she also manages the Van Life Ontario group to welcome and host people in the van life community./Exploring Alternatives

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