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Woman Transformed a Tiny Space Into a Dream Home


Welcome to Meg’s Tiny House Tour! Join Meg as she takes you through her unique and cozy tiny home that she fell in love with and bought a month after discovering it. This is not just any tiny house; it’s a space filled with warmth, character, and a sense of home.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The heart of Meg’s home is her kitchen, featuring a beautiful macrocarpa wood benchtop, a large sink directly connected to the grid, and plenty of storage space. The open shelving, repurposed beer crates, and handmade pantry add a personal touch, showcasing her tea collection from her garden and various cooking ingredients.

The living room, Meg’s favorite part of the house, is a plant lover’s paradise with a beautiful bay window that brings in the golden hour sunlight. It features a comfy couch (without storage but utterly lovely) and a hammock for extra seating, making it a perfect space for relaxation. Essential for warmth and ambiance, the fireplace in Meg’s tiny house is a highlight, keeping the entire house cozy during winter and adding to the overall vibe.


Surprisingly spacious for a tiny house, the bathroom includes a full-sized shower, compost toilet, and a vanity with ample storage, reflecting a functional yet aesthetic design. The loft bedroom, with its queen-sized mattress, is a cozy and intimate space, perfect for relaxation and reflection. It serves as a meditation and reading area during the day, with plants surrounding the bed, creating a dreamy greenhouse vibe.